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What Will Happen If You Eat French Fries Every Day


French fries are some of the most famous American foods ever. An interesting fact about them is that upon their creation, they were indeed French. They were first sold in Paris’s Post Neuf back in the 1780s by street vendors. Shortly after, Thomas Jefferson, who was the American Minister to France at that time, and perhaps the first American foodie, introduced the fries to America. It is believed that the very first time they were served in America was back in 1802 at the White House.

We all know that the french fries are crispy, crunchy, yellow, and most importantly delicious, however, not everyone is aware of the fact that they can do more harm than good if taken every day. There are many reasons why french fries are not healthy for the human body, especially if consumed on a daily basis Here is what will happen if you eat french fries every day:

The risk of cancer is increased

There are a lot of speculations that fried foods, such as french fries can highly increase the risk of cancer. A recent study that was conducted on rats showed that there is a substance in the french fries called “acrylamide”, which can cause cancer. The results of the same study were published in the National Cancer Institute.

The acrylamide substance is produced when vegetables like potatoes, that contain amino acid asparagine, are heated to high temperature(s) and there is a presence of certain sugars during the heating process. The acrylamide is then converted into a compound known as “glycidamide” that causes both damage and mutations to the DNA structure and can eventually lead to cancer.