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Top 10 Best Credit Cards of 2020


A credit card is an extraordinary financial instrument if used efficiently. The good management that is given to it, is rewarded with the reputation that the cardholder obtains before the bank or financial institution, these keep records of the use and how the payments are made, so in this way a credit history is built that brings great advantages when opting for mortgage loans, automotive or other.

It avoids the handling of cash that causes so much risk in the present times, also with a credit card you have a great possibility to control optimally the expenses. The technological advance that has meant the Internet has led to a large number of businesses working in this way and where payments to be made are made online with credit cards and additionally, the frequent use of these usually generates rewards.

Before trying to apply for a credit card, it is necessary to consider that since it has advantages, it also has cons if you do not have a conscience when handling the income and obligations that you have monthly. The first thing is to examine your financial situation to determine how much you can pay back each month without risking your budget. Try to find the entities that offer the lowest interest rates to apply for the card.

Top 10 The Best Credit Cards of 2020

The Best Overall Credit Card

CitiĀ® Double Cash Card

  • With this card you can earn up to two times cash, 2% for each purchase and 1% cashback without limit, when you make purchases.
  • If you want cashback, you get it by paying the minimum debt before it expires.
  • The annual percentage rate for balance transfers is 0% for a year and a half, after which it varies according to the creditworthiness of the cardholder.
  • Paying the balance in full avoids interest charges on purchases when transferring the balance before the monthly due date.
  • Balance transfer fee 3% of the transferred bike, if it is greater than $5.
  • Rewards for each purchase.
  • Rewards can be exchanged for checks or deposits.
  • With Citi Entertainment, you can get tickets for concerts and sporting events
  • Fraud Alert Service
  • Excellent customer service.