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10 Surprising Home Remedies for Acne


Natural remedies can be a quite positive alternative, a chemical to combat acne is not necessarily required. Even some natural remedies may offer greater benefits than a commercial product.

Before applying any remedy or creams for acne of natural origin, you should consider the opinion of an expert on the subject, because not all ingredients obtained from nature work the same for any organism or skin type.

Before applying any cream or recipe it is important to consult with your dermatologist
It is also important that you keep in mind those ingredients that tend to irritate you or generate some kind of allergy.

These are some natural alternatives to treat acne with creams and home remedies.

Apply egg white

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Egg white is a widely used ingredient for acne treatment, thanks to the number of vitamins and nutrients it provides.

To obtain its benefits, just apply a layer of egg white on the skin affected by acne. When left to act for about 10 minutes, it can absorb the fat produced by the skin and in turn, helps to regenerate and restore the tissues of the battered skin.

To remove it, use plenty of water at room temperature.