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10 Natural Foods to Prevent Cancer


Some people may still have doubts about how cancer and tumor are different. For now, we will talk about the differences between the two symptoms.

Cancer is different from a tumor, where the cancerous lumps or wounds spread into neighboring organs faster. Enter the remaining nodes Spread into the blood vessels Enter the bloodstream As well as continuous lymphatic tubes to various organs throughout the body

Most often spread to the lungs, liver, brain, bones and bone marrow, so cancer can be seen as a serious chronic disease with complex treatment and ongoing care.

Tumor or tumor disease, which includes abnormal lump Is different from a tumor that is slowly growing Does not spread into tissues Or neighboring organs Does not spread to lymph nodes Not spread through the bloodstream As well as lymphatic currents. Therefore, being a tumor can be treated by surgery.

At this time, knowing the origins of cancer Let’s see what kind of eating that will help us far away. Or less likely to get cancer.


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Carrots are brightly colored, sweet, and crunchy. In addition to being our most abundant source of beta carotene, carrots also contain other carotenoids, including alpha-carotene and bioflavonoids, which have been linked to reducing the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer. However, Over 30 studies have shown that people who consume foods with high amounts of carotene have a low risk for developing cancer.